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Dora Plus Visiting PhD students grants - University of Tartu


Next application round for Dora Plus Visiting PhD students grants is 5 June

The grant is intended to support visiting PhD students for 1 to 10 months study periods (minimum period 30 days).
The grant can be applied for in order to cover the travel costs (one round trip) and monthly allowance (660 EUR per month) related to study and research activities at the University of Tartu.
Who can apply?
- who is a doctoral student at the foreign university;
- who is not a resident of the Republic of Estonia;
- who has not been in Estonia for more than one year during the past three years.
Application should be submitted in two parts:
1. Supervisor* in University of Tartu sends a signed workplan to Dora Plus coordinator (Kadri Orula,
*The supervisor of the recipient of scholarship in the University of Tartu must be a member of the teaching staff, research staff or, in the field of arts, a creative person with prior experience in supervising doctoral students.
2. Visiting PhD student submits via following documents:
1) application;
2) curriculum vitae (academic);
3) confirmation from the home university that the person is immatriculated as a PhD student during the visit;
4) copy of passport or ID card.
Help with documents of visiting PhD students: Annika Kalda / Study Abroad Centre,, +372 737 6085
For further consultation, please do not hesitate to contact with Kadri Orula,, 737 6273
Action is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. The implementer of the activity is the agency of education internationalisation at the Archimedes Foundation.
** Les étudiants qui souhaiteraient faire un séjour au Département d'études romanes (dans le Collège des langues et des cultures étrangères), pourront obtenir des charges de cours pour compléter la bourse et obtenir de l'expérience d'enseignement. Pour plus d'informations à ce sujet, contactez Sara Bédard-Goulet: