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Greening Narrative: Locative Media in Globalized Environments

Projet de recherche

Période d'activité: 
2014 - 2020
Chercheur principal membre: 

This research program focuses on how locative media, (mobile apps and locative narratives) can be used to defamiliarize assumptions about location, landscape, conservation, and the environment in parks, gardens, and nature preserves. Our aim is to investigate how locative media can be used for digital storytelling about globalization and the environment.

A locative media platform, the Alpine Garden MisGuide, has been developed and published on the iTunes Apple Store and installed for use at the Montreal Botanical Garden in May 2015. This app will be further developped with a focus on urban resiliency and sustainability for use in other public parks and gardens.

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Date·s de la subvention: 
2014 - 2020