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Open Science SSH Cyberinfrastructure

Projet de recherche

Période d'activité: 
2016 - 2019
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The Open SSH infrastructure will extend actual production, discovery and exploitation possibilities of essential Canadian SSH research, published in journals and books and new digital formats. Open SSH will be built out of the Érudit platform and the Public Knowledge Project software suite with the collaboration of national and international data science laboratories.
Érudit dissemination success demonstrates the efficiency and potential of integrated collections and platform services with its 7 million users (70% international) while PKP software impressive international adoption, with over a 8000 installations of Open Journal Systems all over the world, illustrates the needs for open source production tools that empower scholars and research communities. By combining those expertise and successes, Open SSH will integrate and enrich a wide variety of digital documents, develop an open centralized repository linked to other datasets, and provide a efficient access to the infrastructure through the portal.
By doing so, the project will foster open access dissemination by lowering the production costs of digital documents, support open science principles and national policies, promote Canadian research at the international level and the improvement of the training of the next generation through their access to non- traditional leading-edge technology in the critical sector of Information Technology and Data science, and contribute to public policy and Canadian governance.

Date·s de la subvention: 
2016 - 2019