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Annulée - «Digital Contentment and Mobile Containment» - Une conférence de JungBong Choi (NYU)

Date : Jan 16, 2013
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Veuillez noter que cette conférence est annulée.

L'Équipe de recherche sur l’histoire et l’épistémologie des études sur l'Image en mouvement (ARTHEMIS) vous invite à une conférence de JungBong Choi (NYU), intitulée "Digital Contentment and  Mobile Containment".

Mobile devices have become at once a site and a sign of the struggle between the imperative to enhance labor efficiency and the exigency to ensure a degree of users’ autonomy, pleasure, and recreation from the stifling labor environment. My talk will correlate the manifest penchant for distraction/entertainment through mobile devices with the techno-stress that has escalated with the universalization of desktop/laptop computers in industrialized societies under the sway of neoliberalism. Instead of unambiguously aggrandizing the “trivializing” propensity of mobile devices, however, I shall alert to the disconcerting syndromes wherein users of mobile devices are held captive to the infinite immersion-labor of digital gratification, syndromes that turn a voluntary act of zoning out into a compulsory labor of distraction.

JungBong Choi is Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema Studies, New York University where he teaches theories of cultural globalization, trans-national media/cinema, and the political economy of digital humanity. He authored Digitalization of Television in Japan: State, Economy, and Discourse (2008) and co-edited Globalization, Television and Japan (2010). He is the guest-editor of two journal special issues:
Unsettling the National in Korean Cinema for the Journal of Korean Studies (2011) and Of Transnational-Korean Cinematrix (2012) for Transnational Cinemas. His book Trans-ing the National: Theory of Transnational Culture & Media is in progress.

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